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Wild  West  spectacular  the Musical

online  open  auditions  Jan 15, 2024-March 1, 2024

casting  for

  • Annie Oakley (confident but kindhearted sharpshooter married to Frank Butler; non-fictional character)

  • Buffalo Bill Cody (the man, the myth, the dreamer, the legend, and greatest wild west showman; non-fictional character)

  • Clem (older and wiser saloon bar keep, fictional character)

  • Clementine (sweet but not the smartest New York Bar Maid who falls in love with Jess Willard; fictional character)

  • Frank Butler (Annie's Husband who is even keeled and steady. Was a showman himself; but takes a back seat to become Annie's manager;  non-fictional character)

  • Gretel/Hanzel (Buffalo Bill's charismatic and high energy Stage Manager; fictional character) 

  • Jess Willard (world's heavy weight champion who's burley man with a tender loving side who falls in love with Clementine; non-fictional character)

  • Louisa Cody (strong, independent, slightly bitter woman married to Buffalo Bill Cody; non-fictional character)

  • Nate Salsbury (type A tight wad and Buffalo Bill's business partner; non-fictional character)

  • Older Irma Cody (Buffalo Bills Daughter who grows up missing her dad and dreams of touring with him; non-fictional character

  • Porter/Janitor (janitor opens the show with present day humor and the porter fills in setting the stage during the show; fictional character)

  • Wild Bill Hickok (smart witted, legendary wild man from the west; non-fictional character)


  • Company of dancers with numbers of musical theatre, tap, and contemporary. Sing in ensemble, background acting, and may have a few short lines.


Young Irma Cody (Buffalo Bills Daughter who loves & misses her dad; non-fictional character)

Mildred (young excited fan of Annie Oakley; fictional character)

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